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Comprehensive Treatment Planning

We at Dr. Kometas’ office provide all types of oral health care from one dental office. With Dr. Kometas’ office you go to the same dental office for pediatric dentists and specialty services like orthodontists as you would for your dental check-ups and cleanings.

We do General Dentistry which is primary dental care; Pediatric Dentistry which is dental treatment for infants through adolescents; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery which is treatment and correction of jaw diseases, injuries and defects, including simple and complex extractions; Orthodontics which is the correction of bite irregularities by use of braces and retainers; Endodontics which is the treatment of disease or injury of the dental pulp of the tooth, such as a root canal therapy; Periodontics which is the treatment of gum and tissue diseases; Prosthodontics which is custom fit dentures, crowns and bridgework; Cosmetic Dentistry which is the aesthetic improvement of your smile including teeth whitening and shape, as well as treatment for a gummy smile; and Dental Implants which is the state of the art preferred treatment to replace missing natural teeth.

We can work with you to schedule concurrent appointments with multiple family members, saving you time and reducing the need for multiple visits.

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