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Porcelain Veneer

Jill was interested in updating her restorations both esthetically and functionally.  Jill had gum recession that led to eroded areas at the gum line.  Composite resin restorations (white fillings bonded in place) were placed over the years.  The composite restorations eventually would wear out and stain. Porcelain veneers were fabricated for a durable and esthetically pleasing result.

***Porcelain veneers were bonded onto the prepared teeth. Porcelain veneers are used when the teeth are still functionally strong. Beautiful results are possible with careful planning and outstanding laboratory support!

Michelle had braces twice when she was a young girl.

Michelle went to an orthodontist who recommended braces followed by jaw surgery to fix her pronounced overbite.  The orthodontist recommended a restorative consult and was referred to Kometas Dental.

Michelle’s chief concern was esthetics.  She was a previous dental assistant who understood that the ideal treatment would involve braces and jaw surgery followed by restorative treatment.  She felt that at this point in her life the ideal treatment would be excessive, more costly, and take significantly longer.

After consultation, Michelle opted to address only the esthetics with porcelain veneers.

We took photos and models and performed a diagnostic wax-up (blueprint for the proposed treatment) which are displayed below.  We also tested this blueprint by making a quick mock-up of the restorations for Michelle to see if she would like to move forward with treatment.

Below is the anatomy of the case.

The mock-up was made chairside from the wax-up.  The mock-up only takes a few minutes and it gives the patient a preview of the proposed treatment.

Above is a portrait and smile mock-up to confirm esthetics of wax-up