Esthetic Smile Design

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Patients seek treatment with the primary concern of an esthetic enhancement to their oral condition. Esthetic or cosmetic dentistry has become one of the main areas of dental practice emphasis and growth. Cosmetic means to do something superficial to cover a defect or deficiency and secondarily serving to beautify the body, which has a very large cultural component to it. The goal for esthetic treatment should be an enhanced but natural appearance to the patient.

This is the goal in dental esthetics. The smile design concepts are very specific measurements for form, color, and position of esthetic dental elements. Smile design involves the evaluation of certain elements in a specific sequence: facial analysis which is general facial balance; dento-facial analysis which is the maxillo-mandibular relationships to the face, and the dental midline relationship to the face; dento-labial analysis which is the relationship of the teeth to the lips; dento-gingival analysis which is the relationship of the teeth to the gingiva; and analysis which is the intertooth and intratooth relationships, the form and position along with color.